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Why Create a Budget for Your Business

When you own a business, the financial aspects of it help you establish security and help ensure you can accomplish the things you want your business to achieve. Let’s take a look at why budgeting for your business is important and how to create a budget. Creating a...

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Identifying Your Business Priorities

A company needs solid goals in order to be successful. The goals are accomplishment points, and they require real action on a daily basis in order to reach. Your business’s priorities are the actionable steps you will need to take in order to meet your goals. Let’s...

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Quickly Building a Sustainable Company

Lowell Figur was a longtime remodeling dabbler when a catastrophic car accident pushed him to focus on his passion. GTS joined Lowell in a race against time to grow Figur Construction into a business that could sustain itself and its owner.

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Going from Crisis to Success

John Johnson’s Creative Spaces Remodeling was mid-meltdown when GTS stepped in to right the ship. With financial order restored, staffing, marketing and management help brought triple-digit profit and revenue increases.

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